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    Fertilization is a word with a lot of different meanings but each one of them is related to productivity. One of the definitions of fertilization involves the fertility of the soil. The purpose of fertilization is to make the soil healthier so that plants can grow better by absorbing more nutrients from the soil. A healthy soil would lead to a good harvest in the future.

    In the process of fertilization, the soil receives more nutrients from materials called fertilizers. There are many kinds of fertilizers being used in the fertilization of the soil. These fertilizers can either be organic or inorganic. Organic fertilizers are usually derived from living animals. They come in the form of waste materials which can either be solid or liquid. Liquid fertilizers are easier to absorb as they can be taken in through the roots of the plants. Inorganic fertilizers are artificial or man made. Inorganic fertilizers are made to fit the needs of certain plants but are not as potent as their organic counterparts. Some of the inorganic fertilizers even come with pesticides to give plants the extra protection they need from harmful pests.

     Fertilization is very important because soil fertility is a requirement for those who want to plant all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Regardless if the location would be on a farm or just a simple garden, the soil has to go through the process of fertilization so that the plants will grow healthy and will yield more products than expected.

     There are times when soil fertilization happens naturally. Dead bodies of animals or their waste materials are the best soil fertilizers. If an animal dies or releases its waste products, the soil that will absorb the materials would definitely become fertile. However, there also some plants that require specific nutrients to reach their full potential. Inorganic fertilizers are the best products for this case. These inorganic fertilizers are manufactured using the latest technology and are based on the most recent scientific discoveries. The only problem is that some of these inorganic fertilizers which are usually made of out chemicals may cause some problems to the soil.

     Soil fertilization is just the first step. Maintaining the fertility of the soil is the second phase of the process. Some researches show that continuously planting drains the soil of its nutrients even when fertilizers are being continuously applied. Farmers and gardeners alike, should always consider letting their soil take some time off. They should also consider the type of fertilizers to be used and the frequency of application. Fertilization will help the soil become healthy and fertile only if it is done the right way.

     Now that importance of fertilization of the soil has been established, it is equally important to remember that the success of fertilization is not dependent on the fertilizers alone but also to the reaction of the soil and the amount of nutrients required by certain plants. The fertilization could either fail or succeed based on the combination of these factors.

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