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    Gardening Benefits

    Gardening is often associated with life itself. The act of gardening allows men to grow new plants which are the basic source of food of men and animals alike. Plants also provide oxygen that is necessary for survival. Some plants usually grow on their own because nature has its own process but gardening enables people to choose the kind of plants that they want to grow.

    Gardening has indeed brought a lot of benefits to mankind. It is actually one of the most fruitful activities in this world but it could also be fun to do. Some people have even considered gardening as a hobby. Gardening, however, is not a simple task. It is not just about planting seeds and watching them grow. Gardeners need to take care of them while they are still growing. They will have to protect these seeds from pests, animals and bad weather. They also have to make sure that the seeds will get as much water and sunlight as possible.

    There are many different types of gardening that people can do and each one serves a very unique purpose. Some of the examples of types of gardening are Residential Gardening, Indoor Gardening, Container Gardening, Community Gardening and Garden Sharing. Residential Gardening usually takes place in the backyard of a certain family’s house. The main purpose of this type of gardening is to provide the family with extra food, fresh air and a nice view. Indoor Gardening, on the other hand, improves the ventilation system of a house with the presence of plants inside the house. Container gardening is literally about growing plants in containers such as pots or boxes. Only a limited number of plants will be able to grow with this type of gardening. Community gardening is done in a community setup wherein people from the same neighborhood would do the gardening activities together in vacant lots found in that area. The garden will then become a source of food for the entire community. Finally, garden sharing is similar to the principle of partnerships in business. Land owners would allow expert gardeners to transform their land into a garden. They will then divide the crops during harvest time. Regardless of the type of gardening, however, the ultimate purpose of gardening does not change. This purpose is to grow plants. Plants that will feed us, give us fresh air and keep us healthy.

    Gardening is a skill that should be learned by all humans. The population of the earth is growing by the minute and there will a come a time when there won’t be enough food for everyone. If each family would have a garden in their backyard then at least each one will have a steady supply of nutritious food. Furthermore, an increase in the number of plants brought about by mass gardening will surely decrease the unpleasant effects caused by pollution. Gardening can give us a healthier environment and eventually be able to make this world a much better place to live in.

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