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    Masonry is usually related to the construction of walls of various buildings. Walls play an important role in the construction of buildings because they are the ones which protect the internal structure. This is the reason why walls should be very durable and their durability depends on masonry. Masonry utilizes materials like bricks, stones and other hard minerals that are sturdy enough to be placed as a foundation.

    Masonry follows a certain pattern wherein materials are being dumped into one site which will eventually form a part of the structure being constructed. The laborers would then make sure that the materials are installed properly to make sure that they don’t break their formation once another set of materials are delivered to the site. Bit by bit, the laborers will place materials on top of each other until they finish the construction project.

    Masonry has been discovered since the ancient times. The Egyptians have resorted to masonry to build Mastabas or pyramids to keep the bodies of their deceased Pharaohs and their treasures. The Greeks, on the other hand, have practiced masonry to build temples that they have designated as sanctuaries for their gods. Another example of masonry was the construction of the “Great Wall of China” more than 2000 years ago. Masonry clearly played a great role in the history of mankind.

    A lot of magnificent edifices have already been produced through masonry in the past and a lot more will be built as time goes on. During the ancient times, the tools which were used to build structures were still crude and unrefined but masons were already able to build breathtaking buildings out of these tools. Today, masonry has been enhanced further with the advancement of technology. Modern tools and equipment have made it possible for masons do more things like lifting heavier pieces of materials which would have been impossible thousands of years ago. These new tools and equipment have also decreased the time needed to build a certain structure. Technology has definitely provided a big boost to the evolution of masonry.

    The materials being used for masonry have also been refined to cater to the needs of this modern world. The most common type of material used for masonry are bricks. Modern technology has enabled producers to create bricks that are almost of the same quality as their more expensive counterparts. Bricks can also be custom built. They can come in different shapes that will fit the requirement of a certain building. Bricks can also come in different colors to cater to the aesthetic aspect of masonry.

    The modern tools and high quality materials, however, are not enough to guarantee the success of masonry. The main contributors to the success of masonry are the masons themselves. The skills of the masons working on a project is the most important factor to consider because masonry isn’t just about how good the materials are but also how they are arranged together to form durable foundations that would last for a very long time.



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