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    More on Fertilization

    The world fertilization is often associated with the emergence of new life because fertility actually means the capability to reproduce. In the case of soil fertility, the soil is being cultivated in preparation for planting new seeds. Only a fertile soil can help plants mature and reproduce. Plants rely on the soil for nutrients which is why fertilization is a necessary precursor to both gardening and farming. Fertilization opens up new doors of opportunities for farmers and gardeners alike.

    The process of fertilization usually occurs naturally. Nature has its own way of doing things. However, there are also times when humans need to perform the process of fertilization themselves. Sometimes human intervention is needed to deliver the nutrients that the soil needs to become fertile.

    The process of soil fertilization has started since the ancient times. Ancient civilizations have resorted to various and unique methods to fertilize the soil. The Egyptians relied on the annual inundation of the Nile river to fertilize their farm lands. The Greeks, on the other hand, have used methods like irrigation to bring in the water supply in barren soil. The Romans have utilized materials like ashes collected from burnt wood and materials coming from the ocean. Organic fertilizers were also very popular at the time.

    Today, fertilization has been further enhanced by modern science and technology. Artificial and synthetic fertilizers were created to cater to the needs of certain plants and to make the lives of farmers and gardeners easier. These artificial fertilizers are also more convenient to use because they are readily available unlike organic fertilizers. Although, modern methods and chemicals were intended to boost the soil’s fertility, some of them have actually caused damage to the soil. It would seem that the natural methods are still the best when it comes to soil fertilization.

    The natural process of fertilization seems to be like a never ending cycle of transferring nutrients and energy from one life force to another. The plants from farms and gardens are being eaten by men and animals. The animals would then release their waste products on the soil. The soil would then absorb these waste materials. Finally, the plants would absorb nutrients from the soil which has now become healthier because of the waste materials. Fertilization is indeed a very fascinating process.

    Some farmers, however, have abused the process of fertilization. They plant new seeds without giving the land enough time to rest and think that fertilization will be able to replenish the soil’s nutrients. This is something that should be avoided. There should be specific intervals with respect to planting a new set of plants after the harvest season. Not even the best fertilizers will be able to return the soil to its original state if it has already been drained. People should always remember that something that is forced will not be able to yield some good stuff. Fertilization will only be beneficial if it is done in the right way and at the right time.

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